Sunday, June 03, 2007

Another ancient one...

lol...well its strange you know calling my first year grad poem as ancient but so i think it is now..and funnily i am in a mood to bring back the old poems i wrote as a skul going child and a teen off to collg...well i got my hands on this somehow i dnt think it to b great and yet......y with me folks i hope you wont find it too bad

here sitting alone
i shed a tear
for there being no reason at all
but yet i blamed myself
the sorrow i caused to many
known unknown
i am guilty for the tear in my mothers eye
i am guilty for the pain on my fathers face
i know it is because of me
yet i am helpless, confused, lost
and here when i come out
my friends tell me to hurry
laughing at my lazyness
for they mistook my eyes of dried sorrow
for that of healing sleep
i wish they would understand
without me telling them. i cried
i felt a pang of guilt
of trying to show my emotion
so i smiled
faking a yawn
went back to my room
and wrote these lines

hmm wierd ryt no rhymes no nothing and grammatically incomplete...and yet its unedited raw just the way i wrote it....i dunno why but i can never make myself edit my own work...


Sam said...

let teh raw words remain, for its them who mean teh most!!
i wonder wot made u write dis back den!!

prashant said...

Amazing one. Not coz of the language or subject but the innocence it reflects. I read all your poems and all are quite different but this one is the best of the lot. I will not comment on your writing skills but your thought process is amazing, good work, keep writing......

Aashi Joshi said...

hmm thnx namesake.. :) n yeh i intend to keep my poems just as they are n well really wat made me write this is something even i dunno...just tht your in a certain mindframe so...

and hey prashant well really glad you lykd this poem even thou its well unpolished in all ways.. :) and pls keep droppin in comments especially if you dont lyk sumthin i write that would b of immense help to me


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