Sunday, June 03, 2007


another peom i was really proud about..wrote it when i was in 5th i suppose lol.....for my tution teachers daughter..she was competing for a recitation competition where the kids havta reciet thier self composed i was a ghost writer for this one.. n i guess its alryt to take back the claim as its been a while since the competition happnd..and oh btw..she won it

surya tu kyun hai itna pyaara
taaron se bhi hai tu nyaara
cham cham cham
chamakte hai taare
tu kaise chamakta hai pyaare
surya asth jab hota hai
khidki se bahaar dekhti hun main
surya tu aur thodi der ruk jata
toh mera yeh phul aur bhi khilkhilata...

1 comment:

Sam said...

sweet and cute!! hmm....... child artist??? :P


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