Thursday, June 28, 2007

Not a skylark in a distance
No music to precede
And yet those footsteps mingle
On a solitary rhythm,
On a single beat.

For as the moonlight dances
And as the twilight fades
A touch and a tremble
And that first sign of innocence
And that first subtle graze

So did the hearts beat faster
Like a tinkling chime
Uncertain and so scared
Yet an abundance
Of passions sublime

His look was so deep
Her eyes so shy
And a blush crept oh so softly
Like a blooming bud
With an inward sigh

And a little smirk crept
Oh so slowly yet so there
For that knowing look
And those teasing eyes
And secret moments yet to share


Sam said...

ah!! lovers in the moments prior to their coming together... a prelude to soemthing mroe beautiful!!
u knw dat makes me wonder... exactly wer is ur mind wandering nowadays namesake??? ;)

Aashi Joshi said...

ROFLMAO!!!!.... wellies first i guess u lykd the poem without being arrogant :O as 4 ur commnt..well namesake.....this poem is rather incomplete......n yet full in its own ryt...wat i wanna show is just not shown......

tht is just one form of interpretation...i mean the one u gave...wat i have in rathr a bit diffrnt.......

Tshhar Mangal said...

well aashi...why u have to write poems where i have to rack my defunct brain,,,first of all give this post a good poem...has tht intensity,,,the depth like ur earlier poems...yaa tht was the first thing tht crossed my mind after reading it...apart from has the romantic feel with i realy liked
...keep up the good work and nxt time dont publish untitiled poems...
Gog bless u

Aashi said...

lol..thnx tush :)

will keep in mind the untitled thingy...but times..this stupid thing between my temples.....doesnt work often..:P

Anand said...

u know chaachi!! this is a gud piece. short, crisp and potrays the intended feeling quite clearly!

Aashi said...

lolzzzz.....thnx mai :D

glad u lykd it

Gurdit said...

Really nice poem. In turn, it reminds me of one of mine (which is admittedly not as's the reason why I abandoned poetry-writing :P)...

I also love the layout and colour scheme of your blog. Just one gripe (if you will allow mw)...the image doesn't seem to display in your poem. Is it just me (and my browser) or does it not display for you too?

Aashi said...

ur being humble gurdit...i luved the poem...although initially i was hoping against hope it wasnt a teen take on the twilight series...m kinda sick of the whole ed-bella-jacob routine...but it was fantabulous...m off 2 read the rest...

btw i have a bone 2 pick with u 2....whr is the comments section in ur blog??? :O cnt seem 2 comment on ur poem there :|

as 4 the picture ye thts a problem with me too...but then my net is always acting weird so i thot it was just me...m off 2 rectify it though...thnx 4 tht :D


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