Sunday, June 03, 2007


i just realised that i hadnt added this poem of myn newhr in this blog..strange really cos it was the one poem i held closest to my heart...considerd it my masterpiece wen i was seems kiddish now but i still love it a lot so much so that i have it by heart :)

a tear in your eye i can see
is it bcoz of me
are those the soft blue eyes
that used to calm my cries
the eyes for which anyone would die
oh love why do you cry?
is it bcoz of me?
oh lord give me the key
to the solution of my love
who as gentle as a dove
cries for the land above....


Sam said...

beautiful..... no actually cute, considering the time wen u wrote it!!

Vikram said...

well i have to say as a 11 yr old i was no tht creative infact i have to say i was much more idiot than i m rite now...
well aashi u were, are and will remain a gr8 writer and there wud be mny people waiting for ur nxt creative wrk and i m one of them...


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