Friday, June 01, 2007

ON TV....

this poem was written by me and my frenz cuz. :) she hadta submit a poem on TV to the brit council..and well i kindahelped her out in this is our combo work.. hope u lyk it :)

“Dear old friend I’ll be coming home to you
Hasn’t it been long since we wished adieu
I know your awaiting, are you not?
Of those little presents I promised to have brought”

But the sound at the other side
Was no less than alien, a mere snide
“You can’t come today it’s not right
For there is a show from noon till night”

“And then you know how I sleep so sound
And dream of all the thrilling shows around.
Sorry old friend for busy I am as such
Though if you want, you could join me for lunch.”

So then I agreed for I hadn’t a choice
And off I went to his house, up to that noise.
But there I met a strange sight and my heart sunk
For my friend was gaping lolling and looking all but drunk.

He spared nothing more than a glance at me
For hurt I was as he didn’t offer any tea
And also didn’t quite bother to ask me to sit
For his mind body and soul were completely hypnotized by it.

And then I realized that I had been replaced
By someone quite smart and so unclaimed
That someone seems to be quite a hit
That is so because of its great wit

Now he does not want to seem to waste his time
On a friend like me and considers it a crime
But my dear friend! Have you forgotten those days?
When the bonding between us was like those in fairytales

These things make me cry and cry a lot
I want to shatter this new friend who gave me this plot
This stupid thing, 18 inch long and 21 inch wide
Which has some silly little buttons on its right

In my anger I condemned it and did criticize
Hoping that my friend would wake up and realise
Saving a dying hope for this friendship of ours
How I wish he would see me and not those stars

But it seems my efforts wouldn’t be useful anymore
As my words of farewell have now closed the door
This birthday of mine had proved unlucky somehow
As we don’t want to see each other’s faces by now.

And this is the end of our great bond
Of a friend that I was very fond
Oh how much I had cherished this friendship
But a mere box ended this whole relationship

This stupid piece of useless junk,
Is worse than a smelly old skunk.
I can’t believe this silly old toy
Could spoil and snatch my grandest joy.

After a passage of time, finally I had come to know
When this TV was introduced to my house also
I realized that the TV bug does not spare anyone
It is addictive and engulfs all under the sun.

I just happened to be next in line to my friend
Who got glued to this silly stupid trend
For now I am just another alien who would start
Another sad story and break another heart.


sam said...

ah!! another one on the idiot box!! smart one.......
erm... are you on a crusade against it??

Aashi Joshi said...

lolzzzzzz..not really old pal..just tht my fren askd me 2 help its not just my own work..its a combo effort of bth of us :)

and the previous one was say i contributed a tad bit in this one....thou id have died 2 have said tht for the one b4 this ;) :P


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